IAS officer Anurag Tewari's death case is getting murkier with new details. Though there was a speculation that it is a suicide recently it was confirmed that he was murdered. The wounds inflicted on the body and recent findings of spyglass and other special tools used by Tewari point that he might have been trying to unravel some scam.

According to the latest details, it has been found that Anurag Tewari's house in Sanjay Nagar was cleaned on August 29. It is alleged that the officers from the Food and Civil Supplies department had entered the house in the guise of cleaning the house.

Suvarna has also reported that some files from Tewari's home are missing. His parents had filed a complaint with the Sanjay Nagar police on August 30 that proof has been tampered with by entering the house. But no action has been taken on the people who had entered his house nor details of the people who went there has been found.

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Tewari's parents had also submitted a memorandum in this regard to the Food and Civil Supplies Minister UT Khader. But the minister too has not taken any action.

There are allegations that proof of DySP MK Ganapathy case has been tampered with. Likewise, are any proofs about Tewari's death too tampered with?

Recent findings had clarified that Tewari was investigating the illegal hoarding of rice when he was the Commissioner of Food and Civil Supplies in Karnataka. Bangalore Mirror had reported that: “Anurag was carrying the spectacles and clock with him when they found him lying dead on the street. It proves that he was indeed trying to gather evidence in whichever way he can against some influential people, who would have wanted to stop him at any cost. He had made a point to carry these items with him wherever he went.”