The proposal will be placed before the state government soon and will also include commercial spaces. As per a report by Deccan Herald, G Vidyasagar, KLCDA chief executive officer G Vidyasagar said that they were planning to make people pay either by money or make the residents' lake wardens and adopt a part of the lake to maintain it. 

The Protection of Lakes clause under chapter three of the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority Act, 2014 grants the KLCDA to levy taxed on such apartments and commercial establishments. The ideation for collecting such a tax started during the development of Madivala Lake as a biodiversity park back in 2015.
While most residents applaud the move, some are unhappy with the extra tax. 

Moumita Basu, a resident near Agara Lake, said, “Since I live close to a lake I know how people pollute it and it is a nuisance for us as well. Whenever we are travelling or stuck in a traffic jam, there is a bad stench, and it pollutes the environment as well. If implementing this tax helps keep the environment clean then I think it is a good initiative.”

Sudeshna Bardhan, also a resident near Agara Lake, said, “We are all a part of the ecosystem. If we dump sewage into the lakes, it will hamper our ecosystem. People also need to be aware of the damage caused. I support the tax.”

However, Gautham M, a resident near Doddabommasandra Lake, has an opposing view. He said, “I think this is unfair. The government is allowing passage of sewage into the lakes. It is encouraging people to dump garbage into the lakes. If the lakes are kept clean people will manage it.”

The Doddabommasandra lake has almost died due to mismanagement. People dumping solid waste has reduced it a patch of dry land covered with weed. 

The National Green Tribunal initiated a case on its own against the State of Karnataka after watching the photographs and clipping of Bellandur Lake on fire and emitting highly noxious gases and issued a Suo-Moto on February 20.