After nearly twenty days of Nalapad's attack on Vidvath, now the victim's brother Swasthik has come forward to say that MLA Haris's son Nalapad and the gang even assaulted him on the same day.

Now, the police have agreed to consider him as a witness in the Nalapad assault case. Here is what Swasthik had to say about that fateful day of February 17.

Vidvath was having dinner along with his friends at Farzi Cafe in UB City, Bengaluru. Nalapad and his friends were also there for dinner. Something led to an argument between the two, and it is said that Nalapad and his friends started assaulting Vidvath, who already had a fractured leg.

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Though Swasthik was not present at the spot, he was informed by Vidvath's friends that his brother was hit badly and was being taken to the Mallya Hospital.

Swasthik immediately rushed to the spot of the fight- Farzi cafe, where Nalapad and his friends were still there. They were shouting and were calling out Vidvath's name in anger. When they saw Swasthik, they threatened to take Vidvath immediately out of that hospital. However, Swasthik allegedly refused to do so.

This angered Nalapad and friends, who apparently assaulted Swasthik too for not obeying their words.

However, it is interesting that Swasthik rushed to Farzi Cafe instead of Mallya Hospital, where his brother was admitted and was critically ill.