VIDEO: This man makes you fall in love and then sells you, warns young victim

karnataka | Friday, February 16th, 2018
Team Asianet Newsable
  • A woman has released a photograph and an audio message accusing a man of cheating women, including her 
  • The girl claims that the accused sells the girls once he 'uses' them

In the audio, a girl (claiming to be the victim) can be heard crying and pleading that this photo and message be shared as much as possible as no one should fall in love with this man.

Here is what she says in the message:

This man is Prasanna, KSRTC driver. He befriends working women and traps them by making them fall in love with him. Then he uses them to get physical pleasures as well as money. He has spoilt the lives of many girls. He even sells girls. He is still unmarried, but has got his younger brother married. Please share the photo and message as much as possible as I do not want any other girl to fall prey to him. All he wants is to enjoy with girls, use them, their money and at last, sell them.


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