These women had stayed united and did not heed to any half-hearted assurances by the Karnataka government. They stood their ground and said they were going to sleep on the road without even caring about food or clothing till their demands are met.


Their demands included an increase of the payment to a decent amount and appointment of workers for the vacant seats.


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On day 1, more than 10,000 women gathered at the Mysore Bank and were scheduled to go to Freedom Park in protest. But they changed their mind and stood on the road in front of the DGP office in front of the state prisons department.


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The government had promised them that it would hold a meeting on April 19 and had not promised them that their demands would be met. This angered the leaders and the women said that they wanted to continue to protest and would not go home until they achieve victory.


Thus they sat in the Freedom Park for four days, and the government was criticised for its inhumane ways of not addressing the issue of Anganwadi workers. At last, the government sent the Social Welfare Minister Umashri to speak on behalf of the government. After the talks and the promise to fulfil their demands, Anganwadi workers called off their stir.