Bengaluru is known as the city of lakes but its water bodies are dying a slow death. First, the Varthur Lake bubbled with froth and just recently, it erupted in flames.

Around 9.30am on May 30, residents in the area watched thick smoke rising from a canal on the Varthur lake bed near Tubrahalli village. The canal is suspected to have caught fire after farmers in the area burnt a pile of mixed garbage. The Times of India reported that thermocol and other inflammable items in the garbage could have set fire to the canal.

The fire in Varthur Lake was reported after toxic chemical froth flew in the face of motorists a few days ago, on May 27. Residents in the area complained of unbearable stench, unhygienic conditions and a large influx of mosquitoes.

Image Source: Bangalore Mirror

Even as residents have sounded their problems to the government, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dismissed it as an annual occurrence. He said Varthur Lake bubbling with toxic forth isn't a problem as it happens every year. However, the government has done little to stop the city's lakes from spilling with chemical froth.

“The concerned minister as well as the BBMP are taking care of it. There's no problem...We received unprecedented rainfall this year. We will solve it... it happens every year,” NDTV quoted him as saying.

Earlier, the Karnataka government officials met to draw up plans to clean the Varthur Lake. However, sources said the cleaning process for Varthur Lake will begin only after Bellandur Lake has been cleaned.

The National Green Tribunal asked the state government to clean the Bellandur Lake. In response, the state asked for more time. It claimed that the Rs. 3.35 crore-project, which involves clearing the lake of weeds, debris and setting up sewage treatment plants, will take longer.