The #RegisterToVote campaign is not just a hashtag to be followed on Twitter, nor is it a temporary news trend that would soon be replaced by other issues. An initiative by the United Bengaluru, spearheaded by Parliamentarian Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the campaign is to awaken the people of Bengaluru toward their fundamental right to vote and vote for a reason. 

United Bengaluru takes upon itself the onus of reminding the MLAs, elected by the people of the city, that they should be working selflessly toward the development of the city and its people. It is also a clarion call for electing only those representatives who recognise the agenda of selfless work, which could only be achieved if the citizens participated in the electoral process whole-heartedly.

This campaign shows us the way as to how we can make the ensuing 2018 elections a success by being sensitive to our roles as voters. Chandrasekhar, speaking to the media, states that more often than not 10-15% of the voters are left out because of administrative incompetency or lack of knowledge. "Some first-time voters do not even know how to register themselves in the electoral rolls," he said. 

The campaign #RegisterToVote - that United Bengaluru is launching -will prove to be a launchpad for a strong electoral base in Bengaluru. It will help:

  • Existing voters update current details with the Election Commission of India, making them eligible for voting in Bengaluru 
  • Encourage and create awareness for First Time Voters to Register and be added to Electoral Rolls.

Citizens are encouraged to give a missed call to 9206056010, wherein they will receive an automated response leading to the website with details of ways to register or updating details with the ECI. Upholding the agenda of the campaign, MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, "Citizen activism and involvement has witnessed a sharp rise starting from Steel Flyover Beda, Swachha Bengaluru, Zoning regulations, Commercialization of Residential areas, Lakes etc. It is obvious that citizens are unhappy and angry at being ignored about development of city and further at the rapid decline of Namma Bengaluru at the hands of corruption and vested Interests."

He further said, "Voting for the right representatives and registering to exercise that vote are the most powerful tools a citizen has in this fight to ReclaimingBengaluru. So, I wholeheartedly support this effort of a massive call for registering to vote. Please do your bit to protect our beautiful city." In a letter dated December 24, 2016, Chandasekhar had stressed that the Government of Karnataka and administration must ensure: 

  • Citizen Participation through Public Consultation on projects/decisions impacting neighbourhoods, wards and city before approving plans.
  • Statutory Multi-Year Development Plan for Bengaluru region, which should cover all aspects of the city's development including sustainability, falling under these categories.
  • Accountability for all public money, assets and contracts

The #RegisterToVote campaign is being partnered by Whitefield Rising, NBF, BRACE, AARAMB, Bangalore Apartments’ Federation, Golden Foundation, Federation of Sanjaynagar, RWA, Apartment Adda and others.