Sandalwood's Real Star Upendra has formally quit Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janata Party (KPJP) and has announced his new plans.

Prajakeeya will be the new party Upendra is launching along with 200 people supporting him right now. The row between the founder of KPJP, Mahesh Gowda and Upendra came to the fore yesterday (March 5) when Mahesh Gowda came before the media stating the Upendra was quitting the party.

Following the rumours, Upendra held a meeting with his supporters at Ruppies Resort in Bengaluru and announced his decision to resign from KPJP.

Gowda alleged that Upendra was behaving like a dictator and wanted his word to be the last in terms of selecting candidates in KPJP. But Upendra has told that there are audio clips to prove that Gowda and his supporters had demanded money for tickets from the party.

Upendra claimed that he had to be a dictator to save Prajakeeya and all this was done for the sake of many people supporting him. Taking money and giving ticket is not Prajakeeya, he said. "So I am coming out of the party," said Upendra in a press meet after meeting the people from KPJP, who are ready to support him.

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Next step

Registering the Prajakeeya party is the next immediate step of Upendra and his supporters. If the party is registered with party symbol, before the Assembly elections, the candidates will contest from Prajakeeya. But if there is a delay, the party will contest in the gram panchayat and Lok Sabha elections and then will concentrate on not the upcoming, but the next Karnataka Assembly elections.

On joining BJP

Earlier today, there were headlines on TV stating that supporters are asking Upendra to join BJP. But the star clarified that he is concentrating on building a new party and is not interested in joining any party.

Just like his dialogues in the movies, he said anyone could become Prajakeeya, tomorrow BJP, Congress or even Dal might become Prajakeeya. 

Here is what Upendra told after coming out of KPJP

* Just like a child falls before learning to walk, we joined KPJP and learnt a good lesson

* Today there are about 200 people in Prajakeeya, tomorrow it might become a lakh or just 10 people. But I will not stop trying. That is what Prajakeeya is about - trying till we succeed

* Prajakeeya is not to get immediate results, we have bought five more years (by registering the party now) to be able to contest properly

* All people in this party are leaders and will work as information officers - being accountable to people

* Though actor plays atheist in movies, he remembered God many times in his conversations. "Let God bless them (KPJP), God is there," he said.