Ejipura building collapse had killed eight people including a three-year-old child who died of burns and other injuries. A cylinder blast was told to be the reason for the collapse of the building. But the forensic report has revealed the possibility of building owners apathy as the reason for the tragic end of the victims on October 16.

The report says that Sanjana did not die of cylinder blast but had burns due to a shock from the transformer. The building collapsed as it was dilapidated. However, the owners of construction have maintained that the cylinder blast caused collapse as they might be trying to save themselves from the noose of the law.

Media has reported that one of the injured victim's son had filed a case against the owners in this regard is being threatened. One Kalavathi's son who has filed a complaint with the police is being pestered to withdraw his complaint.

To prove their point, the owners had said that the three-year-old girl Sanjana had suffered burns and it was due to a blast of the cylinder, which also caused the building to collapse.

The girl was found in the debris with 60 per cent burns. Though she was admitted to the hospital, she failed to respond to the treatment and died after three days on October 19.

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The two-storey Ejipura building was 20 years old and was dilapidated. Most living in the building were bachelors. With new details emerging that the building was not strong, the owners are in a spot.

With pressure mounting on the complainant to withdraw the case and influential owners, let us wait and see what course will the probe take.   

The collapse of this building also had led to cracks in the neighbouring buildings. 

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