For the first time since 2013, NICE authorities have decided to increase its toll rates with effect from July 1. 

NICE road connects Hosur Road, Bannerghatta Road, Mysuru Road and Tumakuru Road among other arterial roads.

In a statement, Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise Ltd. (NICEL) said, “The revised toll rates continue to be lower than the actual rates the company is entitled to collect. The toll revision is inevitable for upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure.”

Authorities also say that the rates have been revised as per the provisions of the agreement entered with the state government. The agreement allows the NICE to revise toll rates every rate by 10 per cent.

However, commuters are not happy about paying the extra amount.

The rates for the various stretches are:

1)    Hosur Road to Bannerghatta Road – Toll for cars is now Rs 40 while it was Rs 33 earlier. Busses now pay Rs 105, Rs 15 more than the previous toll. Two-wheelers to pay Rs 15 instead of Rs 13. Trucks pay Rs 70.

2)    Bannerghatta Road to Kanakapura Road – Cars to pay Rs 30, busses pay Rs 85; trucks pay Rs 55 and Two-wheelers pay Rs 10

3)    Kanakapura Road to Clover leaf I/C – Cars will pay Rs 20, busses will pay Rs 55, trucks pay Rs 35 and two-wheelers pay Rs 7

4)    Clover Leaf I/C to Mysuru Road – Cars will pay Rs 15; busses will pay Rs 45, trucks to pay Rs 30 and two-wheelers to pay Rs 6

5)    Mysuru Road to Magadi Road – Cars to pay Rs 40, busses to pay Rs 115, trucks will pay Rs 75 and two-wheelers to pay Rs 15

6)    Magadi Road to Tumakuru Road – Cars to pay Rs 35, busses to pay Rs 90, trucks to pay Rs 60 and two-wheelers to pay Rs 10

7)    Link Road users will pay Rs 45 for a car; busses will pay Rs 110, trucks to pay Rs 75 and two-wheelers to pay Rs 16

The increase in the toll rates of buses will force BMTC to increase the prices of tickets in these stretches. People who take NICE Road to travel to their work daily say that the already exorbitant rates have now been pushed higher and this will cause a lot of inconvenience to them.

Last week Electronic City Expressway increased its toll rates by 15 per cent.