To question is my right. I will continue to do so, says Prakash Rai

First Published 24, Oct 2017, 4:08 PM IST
To question is my right I will continue to question says Prakash Rai
  • Prakash Rai's controversial tweets are putting him in wrong spotlight 
  • Asking questions is my right and I will ask, says defiant Rai
  • His questions will follow #justasking tags

“Everybody has the right to oppose what I say but the language they are using is very obscene. But every abuse is making me stronger. Gives me greater strength to express my thoughts. The faces of those who used to hide behind masks are now being revealed. I am bringing them to everybody’s attention. I will continue to question because it is my basic right,” tweeted actor Prakash Rai, reports Kannada Prabha.

With his tweet, Prakash Rai has added fuel to the already burning troll that he is facing on social media. He said, he will ask one question a day. It could be addressed to anybody. "If anybody wants to answer they can but I will not stop asking," he said.

Prakash Rai has been inviting the wrath for his controversial tweet on Taj Mahal. He was also bullied on the social media for questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi's silence on journalist Gauri Lankesh killing.