The Department of Public Enterprises Secretary in Karnataka, Srivatsa Krishna’s office had sent out a circular to all offices concerned asking them to send all documents and reports in English only.


An angry chief of the Kannada Development Authority, Prof G S Siddaramaiah, has asked for immediate action against this bureaucrat.  Kannadigas too are shouting out loud that this man should be immediately punished. Some took it as an insult to the Kannada language. If action is not taken against him, soon there might be protests in the state.


Krishna is living in Karnataka for 10 years now, but cannot understand a word of Kannada. 



This circular coming a time when there are fights going on in the state to save Kannada in Karnataka as it has become a melting pot and many people are seen using other languages and are hesitant to speak, Kannada has created a sensation.


“Kannada is the administrative language of Karnataka. The government is clear on its stand of implementing Kannada in all government offices and sectors in the state. When office work is done in the mother tongue, even people can freely speak about their grievances. Thus, Kannada is a primary language to be used in the state,” said Prof G S Siddaramaiah.


He also said that this English-seeking circular is a violation of the rules set by the government. Officers and people have demanded that the Department of Public Enterprises website also should have information in Kannada so that it is easy for the people of Karnataka to use it.


Sources have said that Srivatsa Krishna even had said that he was not a Kannadiga and cannot speak the language. “I cannot understand the language. If anyone sends the documents in Kannada, I will return them, and it will not be processed. They will have to send everything in English,” said Krishna, according to a source.