The Election Commission announced the polling schedule for the 224-member Karnataka assembly on Tuesday. Voting in Karnataka will be held on 12 May and will be held in a single phase, while counting is slated for 15 May.

However, BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya had tweeted the Karnataka election dates well ahead of the Election Commission itself. In the tweet, Malviya got the date of vote right but the date of counting he mentioned was May 18, three days after the actual counting date.


But not only the BJP, even the Congress tweeted out the voting dates in Karnataka, while the Election Commission announced the dates half an hour later.


When asked about Malviya’s revelations, Chief Election Commission OP Rawat said that it was possible that ‘certain things maybe have leaked’, adding that it will be ‘investigated’.

Speaking to the media, union minister MA Naqvi played down the allegations stating that Malviya had gotten information from at TV channel.

Malviya did clarify that his controversial tweet was based on information from a news site (TimesNow), he deleted the tweet in an apparent bid to avoid further embarrassment to himself as well as his party.

The Congress promptly attacked the saffron party. Its spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said that the party has become 'Super Election Commission.'