Niveditha Gowda, the commoner entry to Bigg Boss Kannada season 5, has surprisingly survived three weeks inside the house.

She was trolled in the first week for her Kannada with English accent. Though she was nominated for the first week itself, she was saved and will face nominations again this week (November 11).

However, Niveditha Gowda has many fan pages where people have come in support of her and want to know every little detail on the Bigg Boss contestant.

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Niveditha had recently expressed her desire and had said that she wanted to be a Radio Jockey. So, after her stint at Bigg Boss, the 18-year-old girl wants to pursue a career in the FM radio stream as RJ.

She had also said that before coming to Bigg Boss, she had sent her recordings to a private FM channel, but had not got any response from them. However, her dream was rekindled when the anchor and a popular name in the field of radio, Riyaz (another contestant in the Bigg Boss) praised Niveditha and said that her voice was good.

It looks like this appreciation has given wings to Niveditha's dreams and she wants to pursue this seriously.

A report in One India Kannada said that Riyaz encouraged Niveditha by saying, "You have a lovely voice. I have selected many people for the post of RJs, and I can tell that your voice suits the radio."

Thus the college-going girl who came in being trolled as a Barbie doll, Kanglish doll etc. has already made a name for herself.

Will people accept her Kannada accent or will she pave the way for a new style of speaking Kannada on Radio or she will get trained to change her accent? Only time can tell. Meanwhile, the result of Bigg Boss elimination this week is awaited with Niveditha being one of the contestants nominated.