The Congress contestant for the Nanjangud constituency, Kalale Keshavamurthy who has properties worth crores doesn’t have a Pan Card.


He has Rs 30 lakh in cash, Scorpio car worth Rs 4 lakh, 4.37 acres of land, 100/120 house at Kalale and a house in Mysore (60/40) valued at Rs 90 lakh. Despite being an automobile engineer, he has declared himself as a farmer.


BJP candidate for Nanjangud is Srinivas Prasad, who owns property worth Rs 6 crore. He has declared Rs 1.32 lakh in cash, movable property of Rs 3,33,69,390. He also owns Rs 25 lakh worth Bheema Sadana in Mysore, resides at Dollars Colony in a house worth Rs 1.17 crore. His wife has Rs 5.25 lakh worth gold and Rs 1.60 lakh worth silver materials.


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In the Gundlupet Constituency, wife of late Congress minister Srinivas Prasad, Mohanakumari has filed her nominations from the Congress party. She has declared Rs 1.53 crore property. Including the movable property in her late husband’s name worth Rs 2.75 lakh, she owns Rs 5 crore worth property. She has Rs 2.5 lakh in cash, Rs 1.8 crore worth shares and also Rs 2 acre 33 guntas of agricultural land.


BJP candidate for Gundlupet, Niranjan has declared Rs 2.86 immovable property and Rs 17.25 lakh movable property. She has even declared that he has a loan of Rs 1.15 crore. He owns lands at many places including Rs 75 lakh worth chowltry; his wife has 1 kg of gold.