As elections are nearing, every issue is being used by the ruling and opposition parties to favour their side of the argument. Thus the parties have got another issue to talk about, and that is power cuts in the state.

With summer heat turning unbearable in Karnataka, power cuts are proving to be difficult to manage with, and people are surely taking note of it. With cities like Bengaluru, suffering a two-hour power cut, the plight of the people living in rural areas, who are dependent on the power to water their crops and for other uses including small industries, must be worse.

It is a known fact that the utilization of fans, AC and coolers have gone up, leading to higher usage and shortage in supply of power and the people from East and North Bengaluru are the one's who are facing more frequent power cuts for long hours. 

In fact, BESCOM received 6252 complaints from the four zones in Bengaluru, in one day (April 24). However, out of these, 5,797 complaints have been attended to and 455 are yet to be solved. 

Will the continuous power cut affect Congress in the upcoming Assembly elections in Karnataka, slated for May 12?