In a shocking incident, Kengeri police have found the skeletal remains of a woman from a cupboard in a house owned by Naveen of Gandhinagar.

Police suspect that the woman must have been killed before being buried inside bedroom's cupboard. Naveen had rented out the house to Sanjay who claimed to be an engineering student in May 2016. He was living with his mother Shashikala and grandmother Shanthamma. In February, Sanjay had informed Naveen that his uncle was serious and had left with his mother to their native, Shivamogga in a jiffy. Since then, Sanjay had remained inaccessible even his phone was switched off.

It has been three months and no clue about his whereabouts, Naveen decided to clean up the ground-floor - where Sanjay was living - since Naveen had his relatives visiting him. With his spare key, he opened the house to find it messy. A strong foul smell led the police to the bedroom where the found the wardrobe painted and its doors platered. The police broke open the cupboard to find the wall inside cracked. When they further dug it, they found a decomposed body with long hair buried inside the cupboard. This led the police to believe that the remains could be of a woman, reports Kannada Prabha.

According to neighbours, Sanjay's grandmother Shanthamma was not to be seen. When they had asked about it, the duo is said to have told them that she was in their native receving a treatment after she had a fall. But now, they suspect that the skeleton could be of Shanthamma.

Police have now launched a manhunt to trace the suspects Sanjay and his mother Shashikala.