The city police have now advised the city residents to be on alert, especially on busy traffic signals. There has been a rise in the number of robbery cases being reported around traffic signals, where robbers, who mainly use Pulsar, RX 125 and TVS Fiero have been looting motorists and walkers.


The bike-borne miscreants snatch away bags, phones, chains and other valuables from the vulnerable walkers and motorists, and before they can do anything the miscreants ride away.


A similar incident was reported on April 22  between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm when a motorbike which was coming from Old Madras road slowed down near Murphy town junction only to snatch a handbag from a middle-aged women passenger who was in autorickshaw. The pillion rider snatched the bag and just before the signal could become turn green road into the wrong side and drove away.


Mohammed Ishaq motorist who was behind the auto witnessed the crime scene and stared to chase down the biker, but he got struck in the signal. "The robbers rode fast in wrong direction and were moving towards MEG, before I could catch them, they vanished in thin air. The robbers are now using Bengaluru traffic signal as their weapon to commit a crime," he said.


Geetha Raj, (named changed) a victim said, the bike was following from Indiranagar junction but she did not suspect as the motorist and pillion rider looked decent and young. "I was in shock and did not think of approaching police. The auto driver also chased the bike, but the motorist went into wrong direction and escaped. My phone, money and few documents were in the bag," she said.


The Ulsoor police said that they are looking at the CCTVs installed at the Philips junction. "The motorists whoever have crossed in this junction between that time will be inquired, and if there is any lead, the persons will be arrested," said, Sajjad Khan, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ulsoor Sub-Division. 


He also said that there is a clue with regard to such crime. The sources have said that a 'Fiero' bike operates in this area and the motorist was said to be the criminal involved in the robbery.