A State-wide massive ban liquor agitation is being launched at Raichuru on Oct 29 with the slogan “Vote to the one who bans liquor”, reported Kannada Prabha.

The launch will be at a program at APMC grounds at 11 am, presided by Sirigere mutt seer. Medha Patkar, who started the ban liquor agitation, other religious institutions heads, authors, artistes and eminent personalities from various fields will participate. A rally will begin at 3 pm that will go through various roads and end at Ambedkar Circle.

The agitation aims at spreading awareness among rural women to fight liquor addiction in the society.  As a first phase of the agitation , earlier in 2016 Oct 2 a massive agitation was held at Raichur with over 40,000 women participating.  

In the second phase agitation demanding ‘Remove Gandhiji’s photo and give it to us’ in front of every district level excise office was held. At the third phase ban liquor at Panchayat level agitation was held. Sindhanur taluk Chiratnala village became the first village to totally ban liquor explained Swarna Bhat, coordinator of the agitation.

The political parties have failed to fulfill the assurances made during election campaign. Hence another agitation will be organised in November and December.  In January thousands of women will walk from districts from all over the State and reach Bengaluru with the slogan “who will get your vote? The one who bans liquor” said social activist Ravi Krishna Reddy.