In view of the severe drought for the past four years, the state government has decided to go ahead with the cloud seeding project, this year to boost artificial rainfall. Preparations are underway to carry out the cloud seeding and already, the state has provided Rs 30 crore towards it.

As per the Meteorology Department, monsoon is expected to enter the state from June 10.  But it may not pick up after July, reports Kannada Prabha. Considering this, the state government does not want waste chances and is preparing to carry out cloud seeding to help receive more rainfall during July.

It may be recalled here that the then chief minister SM Krishna too had undertaken the cloud seeding owing to severe drought during 1999-2003. Cloud seeding was done for nine days on an experimental basis but it did not yield the expected results. Except for a few districts in north Karnataka, rainfall was not at all satisfactory. "It would be better if the Centre takes up the initiative. For, there are chances of neigbhbouring states receiving rainfall with our efforts," observes Jayachandra, reports Kannada Prabha.

Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification to enhance the chances of artificial rainfall. It is in fact a deliberate treatment of certain rain-bearing clouds that facilitates the precipitation process within them resulting in artificial rain.

In fact, the chief minister had announced Rs 30 crore for cloud seeding in his budget. But the experts are now vary of the government's plan. For, they point out at the failed attempts during the Krishna government and also during the Jagadish Shettar governement. Then chief minister Shettar too had done cloud seeding but areas bordering Andhra Pradesh had received the rainfall in 2013. It is said that noted scientist UR Rao had advised a previous government against going ahead with cloud seeding some years ago. But the then state government went ahead and the results were how the scientist had predicted it. Will the Congress government be successful? Only time will tell.