Soon, you cannot visit temples in your jeans!

First Published 24, Sep 2017, 6:48 PM IST
Soon you cannot visit temples in your jeans
  • Endowment Department in Karnataka is planning to implement dress code in the temples
  • Devotees with jeans, half-pants and t-shirts would be restricted from entering the temple
  • Already, temples in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have dress code in place

Wearing a half-paint or jeans to the temple? Expect the temple authorities to restrict you from entering the temple. For, the Endowment Department will soon issue a dress code to all the temples which are mandatory for the devotees.

As per the new dress code, devotees wearing jeans, half-pants, shorts and t-shirts will not be allowed to enter the temple. Also, it is mandatory for the women devotees to wear sari or salwar kameez. Male devotees have to wear panche or pants and shirt, reports The Times of India. The dress code will be implemented by the Karnataka Rajya Dharmika Parishat to preserve the sanctity of the temple and also to avoid distractions in devotees' minds.

"It has become trendy for the young generation to visit temples wearing revealing clothes. This leads to distraction in devotees' minds," reports The Times of India quoting Padmanabha Kotian, the Parishat member. The proposal was earlier debated in the Parishat its previous meetings. It is expected to be debated at the next meeting on October 3. Once the resolution is adopted, it will soon become a rule in all the temples.  

Besides, the parishat is also planning to make uniforms mandatory for the temple staff, and the onus is on all the temples to implement the rule. The dress code in temples already exists in various temples in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.