Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is happy over AICC General Secretary of the state KC Venugopal's  warning to Umashree and KPCC President G Parameshwara.

Venugopal was in the city on October 6 to review the election campaigns in Karnataka. He started with warning G Parameshwara and CM Siddaramaiah on their tiff about who will lead the party in the next assembly election.

If Parameshwara was vocal about leading the party in the next election, Siddaramaiah was equally vocal in making it public that he is the top leader in Congress party in Karnataka.

Putting an end to this argument, Venugopal warned the leaders against making it look like there are differences of opinions between the party leaders. He clarified that election would be fought in the leadership of Siddaramaiah. But he has also clarified that no one will be projected as the CM.

Though taken to task, this is a welcome warning to Siddaramaiah as no one can question his decisions now.

Social media presence a must

Congress has gone all out on reaching out to people. The party had made it compulsory for the leaders to have their accounts opened in the social media, be it Twitter or Facebook. Minister of Kannada and Culture Umashree had not opened any account in the social media.

Venugopal took Umashree to task and said, being the minister of Kannada and culture how can you not spread the information about what your department is doing to the public? He warned that every leader should have an account on Facebook and Twitter and make use of it.

The door to door Campaign started by Congress made news when it was started. In fact, it was not received well by the people. However, the campaign picked up the pace in various parts of Karnataka but has not been taken seriously in Bengaluru.

Venugopal has directed the leaders to take up the campaign with vigour and enthusiasm.

The overall meeting made Chief Minister happy as he has been declared the leader of the party and is quite active on Facebook and Twitter too.

Whether Parameshwara likes it or not, he cannot give contradictory statements and will walk the path paved by Siddaramaiah; in the same way, Umashree too will have to brace herself up and get active on the social media. However, no one need to be disappointed yet because aspirants might still have a chance to become the Chief Minister.