As Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled his dream to power all the houses in the country among other visions on Monday, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah too launched his vision document #NavaKarnatakaNirman (Building a new Karnataka) in Bengaluru. The #NavaKarnatakaNirmana claimed as a journey towards progress is being touted as the vision building exercise for a new Karnataka in the next seven years.

In fact, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has been talking about the #NavaKarnatakaNirmana, for some time. If you have observed Chief Minister's tweets on his government policies these days, they are always tweeted with #NavaKarnatakaNirmana (Building New Karnataka). This is also echoed in his personal twitter account too. 


The way the government is pushing its agenda of #NavaKarnatakaNirman one is but helpless to draw comparisons with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's #NewIndia vision. Modi on the occasion of 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement had urged the people to a pledge to free India of various problems - corruption, casteism and communalism - and create a 'new India' by 2022. Siddaramaiah's vision document too hopes to build a new Karnataka in another seven years.

As part of its vision strategy, Siddaramaiah government aims for active public participation with the government to ensure the state government's progress. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had asked people take 'Sankalp Siddhi' and together work towards a 'New India'.

Another factor that the Siddaramaiah government hopes for in new Karnataka is to connect with the people through digital and social media platforms. Learning from BJP's aggressive online strategy that helped the party to stump Congress in the last general elections, the Congress has reportedly recruited some good tech brains to carry their vision forward. Former MP Ramya is entrusted with boosting party's online presence.


As a result, the Congress government is making its presence felt in the social media. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who opened his personal twitter account now boasts nearly 13,000 followers. Not to forget, recently, the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president Dr G Parameshwar made it mandatory for all the Congress leaders to open their social media account. 

But with elections scheduled for next year, the state government's #NavaKarnatakaNirmana seems to have failed to impress the people. The Twitterati is literally roasting the state government for having woken up now with the 'Vision' document for the new Karnataka.  Here's how the Twitterati reacted to the  #NavaKarnatakaNirman.