When this girl was summoned by the police for being in love with the boy of another community, she had thought of convincing the police of how true was her love. But what she had to undergo at the police station was every woman's nightmare. The police sub-inspector allegedly attempted to rape her at the police station, in the name of inquiry.

The horrific incident has come to light late from Kudachi police station in Raibhag taluk of Belagavi district.

It is said that the victim's parents who did not approve of her choice apparently lodged a complaint against the boy, who belongs to another community. The boy and the victim were summoned by the police. However, when the victim and her boyfriend reached Kudachi police station, the police sub-inspector Shivashankar Mukari allegedly tried to misbehave with her. He allegedly tried to rape her before assaulting her boyfriend, reports Kannada Prabha.

The victim has lodged a complaint with the Additional District Superintendent of Police Ravindra Gadadi demanding stringent action against the SI, Mukari.

In fact, the accused Sub-Inspector Shivshankar Mukari has earlier been accused of assaulting a bar owner near Belagavi. A few months ago, Mukari had gained entry into a bar through a window and assaulted the bar owner before fleeing with the liquor. The whole act was caught in a CCTV camera. A complaint against the SI has been lodged with the Human Rights panel. While this has not been solved yet, the SI is now accused of grave charge, attempting to rape a girl in police station.