It is no brainer that BJP president Amit Shah will do anything to bring his party to power. But this time, setting his eyes on Tamil Nadu and West Bengal - where elections are upcoming - Shah has gone the extra mile. To reach out to the people in these two states, Shah is reportedly learning Tamil and Bangla.

Shah has hired professional teachers to tutor him the nuances of languages so that he could effectively converse and take the party to people. He has learnt enough of these two languages that he could now engage in conversations in these languages. He is now on the path of acquiring fluency, reports The Times of India. What more? The report also said that he is also trying his luck in learning Assamese and Manipuri. Mind you, he is doing all this without losing his focus from the elections scheduled for December 9 and December 14 in his home state, Gujarat.

But Chief Minister Siddaramaiah wondered aloud, why Amit Shah was not learning Kannada. In fact, he put out a tweet on his personal account asking 'Won't Shah learn Kannada?'



Considering the fact that even Karnataka is going to polls next year, it is intriguing to know why Shah has not yet begun his Kannada lessons - that too when he has set Mission 150 - to end Congress rule in Karnataka. Are we left to perceive that Shah has no 'interest' in Kannada (read Karnataka)? Or he is confident of his State leaders' charisma to attain his target? Only, Amit Shah can clarify on this.

Besides, Siddaramaiah's taunt to Shah is akin to an open challenge for him to learn Kannada. It is to be seen whether Shah will respond.

Meanwhile, Chikmagaluru MLA CT Ravi has not taken kind to the chief minister's comment on Shah and has retorted that Shah had at least wished people of Karnataka on November 1 in Kannada. "Why can't CM ask the same question to Rahul Gandhi," Ravi shot back.