Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who was known for accommodating his colleagues has turned into very individualistic and treading the path alone, is the change that the Congress leaders are seeing, these days. The frustration that is building up among Congress members for being unable to tackle it is slowly being expressed in different ways. 

The absence of senior leaders like KPCC president Dr Parameshwar, Mallikarjuna Kharge, Kagodu Timmappa, DK Shivakumar and HK Patil at the swearing-in ceremony is not all together a coincidence. Even Siddaramaiah’s close associates are not ready to believe it. Especially Dr Parameshwar giving the swearing-in ceremony a miss citing sickness even though he was in the City is a clear indication of dissent, reports Kannada Prabha.

It can be recalled here that Siddaramaiah took several decisions against his conscience but giving in to Congress party culture. Until now he used to follow the instruction given by the High Command. But now it appears that he has learnt to convince the High Command to agree on his terms. This was very clearly seen when he had his way in making his close friend CM Ibrahim the MLC. Ibrahim had been consistently trying to get a good position in the government ever since Siddaramaiah took charge but the High Commission had not given into his pressure tactic. Even when Ibrahim was on the verge of quitting the party, high command did not consider it, seriously.  However, after Gundlupet and Nanjanagudu by-elections Siddaramaiah’s reputation in the party started ascending. Gradually he gained control of the party.  

During the changeover of KPCC president’s post though High Command wanted DK Shivakumar to take charge, Siddaramaiah reportedly avoided that and he was supported by both Mallikarjuna Kharge and Dr Parameshwra in this strategy. Though Siddaramaiah wanted to give the post to SR Patil, he was satisfied in continuing Dr Parameshwar, reports Kannada Prabha.  

In several surveys that High Command conducted on its own, it was found that Siddaramaiah had public support. This accentuated Siddaramaiah's image and now AICC leaders started taking Siddaramaiah seriously. When that happened Siddaramaiah on his part started getting his plans implemented.  He even managed to convince the High Command making Ibrahim MLC. He also managed to totally avoid the name suggested by Dr Parameshwar.

In the case of Cabinet expansion everything worked out as per Siddaramaiah’s wishes. All the three new ministers were Siddaramaiah’s choice. Both Kharge and Dr Parameshwar’s wishes were not considered at all. Kharge naturally is very upset. However, by elevating Priyank Kharge to Cabinet rank Siddaramaiah has tried to compensate for that. With regard to Dr Parameshwar, who supported the Right Hand faction of SC, and suggested Narendraswamy, CM did not consider. Even Motamma who was supported by Kharge and also had High Command’s support was dropped. Siddaramaiah instead picked Timmapura suggested by his close associate Minister Anjaneya and MP K H Muniyappa.

Even with this snub if K Shadakshari of Tipatur was made the minister Dr Parameshwar would have felt a little consoled. But Siddaramaiah at first pretended to agree but in the last minute chose Geetha Mahadevaprasad, widow of late minister HS Mahadeva Prasad.

Dr Parameshwar was not inclined to agree for Ramalinga Reddy to be chosen for the post vacated by him. Here again Siddaramaiah did not heed to Dr Parameshwar’s suggestion. All such brazen decisions by Siddaramaiah have irked senior Congress leaders but they are unable to openly express that.