The silent Sage Jadeya Shanthalingeshvara Mahaswamy of Kalaburgi’s Shanthalingeshvara Virakta Mutt is caught up in a controversy as he placed his feet on the Shivalinga for Pooja during the inauguration of a mutt at Kerekattiganuru Village in Nelamagala, reported Kannada Prabha.

During the inauguration of Samadhana mutt, the Swamy had his Paada Pooje – worshipping of feet – keeping his feet on the Shivalinga as is the custom of Veerashaivas. However, the video of that went viral and also telecast on channels which caused devotees to get angry.

Those who do not approve of this ritual are alleging that the seer has insulted the God and Linga. They allege that in the name of Guru Parampara, the seers cannot do things at their will and get away with it.

The Jadeya Shanthalingaeshwara Mahaswamy however is on a Mauna Vrata – vow of silence – and hence is not responding to the controversy. He has however given a written clarification that Veerashaivas have such a ritual and he has only followed the practice.