The City police have collected a total of Rs 84,28,29,000 as fines from people for traffic violations in the past 9 months. Total number of cases registered stands at 81 lakh, reported Kannada Prabha.

The City records 15 to 18 cases of traffic violation per minute. Traffic violation instances are increasing by the day. By September end this year the City recorded 80, 93,719 cases as against 76, 26,671 for the corresponding period in 2015 and 91, 80,438 in 2016. This year the statistics are for 9 months and by Dec end it is expected to reach one crore predict senior traffic officials.  

Maximum number of cases are for traffic rules violation and parking in no parking zone. In 2015 21.12 lakh and in 2016 22.01 lakh cases were registered and in the current year by Sept end it has reached 18.14 lakh. No helmet cases are also increasing by the day. A senior police officer expressed his displeasure at the adamant nature of the public saying no amount of fining is making people change their behaviour.