Two miscreants wearing helmets riding a bike assaulted the staff of an agency to fill money into ATM and snatched the box containing Rs 18.50 cash and rode away around 6 am, on Monday at Jalahalli cross near Ayyappa Swamy temple, reported Kannada Prabha.

The staff of Secure Value Private Ltd were taking the money to be filled into an ATM machine at 6 am on Monday when the incident occurred.  Sager, an employee with the agency is seriously injured but he is out of danger said the police. A case has been registered with Bagalagunte police. North DCP Chethan Singh said 2 teams have been formed to nab the culprits.

Secure Value Private Ltd has an office in Peenya.  It start filling up ATMs since 5 am in the early morning. On Monday the staff had taken Rs 1.26 crores and started filling up ATMs. They first arrived at ICICI bank ATM near Ayyappa temple, Jalahalli Cross.  They had to fill Rs 18.50 lakh. 

First custodian Mohan got down from the van and went to the ATM.  Then Sagar downloaded the box containing the cash. Even a she was moving towards the ATM two men on a bike wearing helmets arrived and one of them tried to snatch the box from Sagar’s hands. Sagar resisted but the man stabbed him with a knife and screaming Sagar fell down. Immediately the man grabbed the box and got on to the bike and they rode away.

Hearing Sagar’s screaming custodian Mohan came out and grasping what had happened he and the driver gave a chase for half a km in the van. But as it was still dark the bike riders took cover under the dark and escaped.  Mohan and driver returned to the spot.

Senior police officers visited the spot. Investigations are on. A senior police officer told Kannada Prabha that strangely, there were no security guards with the staff and cash in the van. Also there was no security at the ATM. The van driver had not got down from the van. All the 3 are being interrogated.  CCTV footages are procured and are being investigated.