In a recent spate of events, passengers of App-based taxis Uber and Ola have complained that the cabbies have misbehaved with them and that they just leave them in the middle of the road by switching off their apps. Interestingly, this has something to do with the company policies which allow cabbies to log off whenever they want to. However, this is adding on to the woes of the people as cabs are anyways not available all the time.

For instance, there have been incidents when passengers have been overcharged or there were no drivers available for rides less than 3 kilometers. Drivers even choose to cancel the rides because of rains. 

The Motor Vehicles Act 1989 and the Karnataka on-demand Transportation Technology Rules 2016 empower citizens to lodge a complaint against errant autorickshaw drivers and cabbies who refuse rides. However, few know about the portal and some just ignore the issues.