There was major outcry about Rahul Gandhi's temple visit in Bellary, Karnataka, yesterday (February 12). BJP leader Yeddyurappa took to Twitter to accuse Rahul of eating chicken and stepping into the temple.

But the Congress faction has released a video that zooms into the plate displaying the items Rahul ate before going to the temple. The video claimed he just had chapati, mashed potato side dish and sweet payasam.

Was it necessary to clarify at all? There was much noise made even when the CM of the state, Siddaramaiah, had visited Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara temple in Dakshina Kannada, after eating fish. But he justified his visit, and even the temple authorities said they have no problem with it.

Even Rahul, when asked, refused to comment on it.

First of all, why make food a big deal at all? Nowadays, what you wear and what you eat have become the parameters than visiting temple because of your faith and belief in God.

Eating chicken, fish, mutton or even eggs does not pollute the temple but having bad thoughts/criminal thoughts, or taking part in/propagating illegal activities surely does.

Whether Rahul visited the temple after eating non-vegetarian food or vegetarian is not important. What matters is if he really has bhakti or faith and whether his intention behind the temple visit was pure.