Under the various housing schemes of the government, anyone having more than one house allotted will be punished. The Housing Department is all out to get at beneficiaries, Panchayath members and officials who have got allotted more than one house by giving fake documents or in Benami sanctions.  A software has been developed by the department to identify such people. Efforts are also on to link Aadhaar to the scheme, said Housing Minister Krishnappa. He was speaking at the Hello Minister Phone In program on Suvarna Channel.

He was responding to calls by Gangadhar of Vijayapura and Basamma of Kalaburgi, who complained that in Panchayats 2 to 3 houses are being allotted to same beneficiaries. They also alleged that fake documents were being submitted.  The Ministers aid Aadhaar card is being linked to the scheme to get all information and that a software is developed to identified repeat beneficiaries.  He said nobody can escape the checking and anyone who has more than one house will be punished and they have to pay.

There was also complaints that the selection was being done without conducting Gram Sabhas.  Eligible applicants are not allotted houses because of this they said. The Minister said it has been made compulsory to submit video of Gram Sabhas. Beneficiaries to be selected in Gram Sabhas itself.  Names and details of selected beneficiaries should be uploaded at the Gram Sabha itself. It will directly reach the MLA and after his approval the selection process closes, he said.

Javarappa of Dalitha Sangharsha Samithi, Mysore complained that only Congress workers and supporters of MLAs are being allotted the houses. To this the Ministers aid all that will change once Aadhaar card is linked to the scheme.

Krishnappa also mentioned the One lakh houses under construction for labourers who have come from outside and settled down in Bengaluru. The applications have to submitted online and selection criteria are that they should not be living in rented house or own a house and other such conditions, he said.

In the current year, 6 lakh houses are being constructed, of them 4 lakh houses are for General Category. Since houses for SC and ST have been provided in other schemes, these houses are not necessarily reserved for them. The shortage of sites is causing the delay in house construction, he said.

All through the phone in program, the minister was bombarded with complaints of bribe being asked by gram panchayath members to allot houses. Each member demands Rs10,000 to Rs30,000 the callers alleged. Many said commission should be given to middlemen. Responding to this the ministers aid such complaints were heard from all over the State and expressing unhappiness about it he said not to go to any middlemen. Earlier the Gram Panchayats used to charge Rs3000 just to take a photo. Now all that has been stopped. He advised the callers to take photos themselves and sand it to him.  He also asked them to call him or write to him.