Actor Prakash Raj will hence forth not reply to those trolling, threatening, responding derogatively and oppressing others’ voices that raise questions about social issues, but instead will fight against “troll goondagiri”. Speaking at a press meet on Thursday Prakash Raj said every citizen of the country has the fundamental right of questioning, answering and being answered but that requires a healthy forum. 

Statements that are negative and spoil the social well being must be avoided. But on social media the responses are such that the questioner is subjected to fear and anxiety. To keep silent against such “troll Goondagiri” is dangerous. Hence one must speak up otherwise they will assume we are scared, he said.

He has been often asked why he started talking after Gauri Lankesh’s killing, why not before that.  Responding to this Prakash clarified that it is a strange question because it is like asking now why he did not respond to somebody’s killing in 1962 or 1947. He said he has grown up in this society, which has given him everything. His conscience asked him to give back to the society and that is why he is raising his voice, he said.

Just because he questioned Modi he is being trolled, threatened and insulted. PM Modi must instruct his followers not to do so, he opined.

Meanwhile, Prakash Raj has also issued a legal notice to MP Pratap Simha for giving statements against him in a defamatory manner on social network, demanding that he tender unconditional, public, written apology within 10 days failing which he would file a criminal and defamation cases against Pratap Simha. The words Pratap Simha used on social media are defamatory and causing bad impact on his personal and domestic life.

Responding to this MP Pratap Simha said he only retweeted what somebody else had tweeted, hence asked Prakash rai to issue the notice to the right person. He also asked if questioning is a right can someone not question Prakash Raj? Simha also challenged Rai sating to see who would get more support from youth as Prakash’s address is in Telangana and why worry about a person who does not stay in Karnataka?