The case of death of Karnataka IAS officer Anurag Tewari is getting murkier with new developments. The postmortem report has given a clue that he might have been poisoned.

According to the information available to Suvarna News, the postmortem report has stated that Tewari did not die of asphyxiation. There are many issues which lead to suspicion, the report states.

The body of Anurag Tewari was found outside a guest house at Lucknow in the wee hours of Wednesday. It was suspected to be a suicide or death due to asphyxiation. However, there were rumours that it could have been a murder.

However, the Suvarna News has got the exclusive recording of the CCTV camera inside the guest house. Where sometime before the death, Tewari is seen being followed by unidentified people. The Uttar Pradesh probe team is working on these visuals from the CCTV camera.

The primary probe has also revealed that some things from Tewari’s room in the Lucknow guest house have gone missing. All these aspects have led to suspicion over the death of the IAS officer.

In another major finding, the report states that the food eaten by Tewari at night was not digested even during the postmortem. He had had his dinner at 9 pm on Tuesday. Thus the experts have a doubt that his food might have been poisoned, said the report by Ashutosh Dubey. Further details of the postmortem are awaited.

However, the earlier findings were pointing out at a scam. According to Suvarna News, 36-year-old IAS officer Tewari was being harassed when he was the officer in Karnataka. Tewari was said to have come forward to check irregularities in the Anna Bhagya Scheme, which provides rice to poor people in the state with a nominal price.

According to the information available to the news channel, Tewari had earned the wrath of the politicians on his stern stand on checking the irregularities in the Food and Civil Supplies Department.

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