In rather an interesting questioning, the two police constable from Jalanagar Police Station in Vijayapur were reportedly captured (video and photos) while drinking alcohol in the station premises. They were also accused of getting the woman constable to mix, supply them alcohol.

When the media telecasted the video and photos became viral, DySP took the two police personnel seen in the photographs to task. But when questioned, they are supposed to have told him that they were drinking sambar which means a thinly variety of curry. A video of this shameful act has gone viral causing deep embarrassment to the state police force.

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The video and photographs clearly show the police personnel consuming the liquid from a bottle and a glass respectively. Nowhere people drink ‘curry’ this way. Another atrocious thing is that the male police officers making the woman constable serve them liquor.

Vijayapura Assistant Sub-inspector Malegaon, constables Soddi and Prakash Akki were seen gulping drinks at the parking lot of the Jalanagar police station while they were on duty. Sadly, even the woman police constable was found 'serving' drinks with chips to the policemen throwing their work integrity to wind, reports Suvarna News.

It is reported that the police used the chairs that were meant for the waiting complainants at the parking lot to sit and brought tables from the station to make it look like "bar". The police have been served free food too from a nearby marriage hall, it is said.