Bengaluru: Bengaluru Metro faced delays in service along with rumours of a crack in one of the pillars at Trinity Circle.

The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) made it clear that there was a honeycomb formation in one of the pillars and work is on to rectify the same.




Though the official Tweets clarify that the problem has been rectified, people are expressing concerns in travelling by the metro.

In the morning, people were seen queuing up and the trains plying on a delayed schedule inconveniencing commuters.

A crack on the pillar within a span of one year is surely not good news. The authorities should inspect the complete metro stretch and ensure safety of passengers.

What is honeycomb formation in construction?

Concrete is formed into different shapes like columns, beams, foundations, and slabs. When concrete is poured into the particular form, it flows slowly (unlike water) and forms a uniform surface. In the process, if the flow is not uniform, it can leave small spaces exposing the aggregate. There might be a gap between the aggregates of the concrete against the formwork.

Such type of surface and texture (with gaps) resemble honeycomb and that is why it is called so in the construction sector.