The KPCC IT unit has come up with a ‘Once Again Siddaramaiah 2018’ campaign online to propagate to elect Siddaramaiah for the next term too and even KPCC president Dr Parameshwar is irked by it, reported Kannada Prabha.

He has indirectly expressed that he is opposed to the idea of projecting that the next election campaign is going to be led by Siddaramaiah. He has very clearly stated that the next election campaign will be joint leadership of Siddaramaiah and Parameshwar.

Speaking to news persons on Wednesday, when quizzed about the Once Again Siddaramaiah -2018 campaign on social network, he responded stating “our Party does not have the culture of projecting a chief ministerial candidate before the elections. Chief Minister will be announced after the Party gets adequate majority and a legislative assembly meeting is held. The Chief Minister will be announced only after the meeting. Till then it is not discussed. I do not know what you are talking about”, which was a clear complaint against the IT unit’s campaign.

He also specifically said the elections will be held under the joint leadership of him and Siddaramaiah and it will be decided who will be the next chief minister only at the legislative meeting, he said.