The cab service app, Ola, which is a widely used and highly handy too, has a hidden reward in store. But this does not come easy, and can be availed only by the smart ones. 

Recently, a Bengaluru boy rose to fame after screenshots of his bizarre cab booking went viral. The boy, who was struck by curiosity, thought of trying out to find the distance to North Korea by looking it up on the Ola app. Shockingly, he was able to book a cab to North Korea, and a confirmation was received too. 

Yes! The 21-year-old youth, Prasanth Shahi, in a conversation, told Newsable, that he was in shock when he received a confirmation for this cab booking. "The cab driver even called me moments later, to confirm the exact pickup and drop locations," said Prasanth, which left him in splits.  

While spotting a loophole in programming is what usually gets a person to receive an award from Ola, Prasanth did not qualify. 

Prasanth told Newsable that the cab service app, which does give people an award when they manage to pick out a bug in their service, did not do so in his case. "This was because Ola's policy states that the company must be informed first, when the loophole is found. But since I had already shared the screenshots of the cab booking to my friends, I wasn't able to avail this reward," said Prasanth. 

Earlier, last year, an ethical hacker, who had found a similar loophole, had reportedly won a handsome reward from Uber, another cab booking service.The Bengaluru youth, Anand Prakash, had saved the company from losing a massive amount of money, which earned him with a reward of a whopping $5,000.