The power coating industries in Peenya situated near the lake were found to have violated the environment norms and were given three-week time to rectify the issue. The notice sent by the Pollution Board stated that the centre would face closure after three weeks. But it has been six months, and no action has been taken on these industries yet.

In a clear case of negligence on the part of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) reflects when it comes to dealing with iron hands with industries causing pollution. The KSPCB had earlier said that it would issue a notice to power coating industries in Peenya for releasing the effluents into lakes and asked them to rectify in three weeks, failing which the board will shut the industry. Surprisingly, the industry, as well as the Board, has failed to carry out their duties.

Promodh Baliga, an industrialist from Peenya Industrial Area, said that six months back, Karnataka Pollution Board Chairperson Lakshman had inspected the power coating unit and had issued a notice stating that they should set it right in three weeks. But the unit has still not installed the effluent treatment still the plant and is operating without any problems.

The law enforcing agencies have to deal with iron hands with industries that do not follow the environment norms. The Friends Of Lakes (FOL), a forum that works towards rejuvenating the lakes in Karnataka has also pitched this idea of shutting the industries that release waste into the ground, stormwater drains and lakes. But so far no action has been taken in this regard.