Take pride in jumping traffic signals and hoodwinking the police from paying the penalty? Not anymore. For, the Bengaluru traffic police might knock on your doors to cough up the penalty dues.

Tired of serial traffic offenders who does not bother to pay the penalty – despite reminding them through the notice – the Bengaluru police have now decided to put an end to it. Besides, the drop in penalty collection has forced the police to push for the door-to-door collection. Although it was followed earlier, it failed to work for reasons best known to the department. But, now the department does not want to go slow on traffic offenders.

Now, every three months, the police will blacklist at least 500 vehicles and publish them on all social media platforms to help the ignorant offenders to correct their mistakes – to pay the dues failing in which, police are sure to come home to collect the dues.

Presently, as many as 22,376 traffic violation cases have been booked against 500 vehicles in the city. Interestingly, an autorickshaw stands top with the 123 cases, and a four-wheeler is in the second position with 35 traffic violation cases registered against it, reports Kannada Prabha. However, there are no details of the owners of these vehicles.