Last year, the government had announced  that it would scrap the orderlies position. The present constables working as orderlies all over Karnataka are trained to maintain law and order, man traffic, work as drivers only in public office in the department  but the government has recruited them instead to work as cooks, cleaners, sweepers, and as house maids at senior policemen's homes and offices.


After the mass leave threat and protest by a section of policemen last year in June,  the government decided to fulfil their demands by scrapping of the orderlies position. They promised to send the police personnel back to the respective departments to serve public.According to the decision, by April 1st 2017, all the policemen working as orderlies and followers were supposed to be relieved.


Last year in June, the Home Minister Dr G Parameshwar had announced for the change in the police system. "The government will issue a notification and appoint a Group D employees and the present staff working will be posted to respective department to serve public. By April 1st all the change will be completed,"  Dr Parameshwar had said.


However, it has been a year since the assurance was given to them and yet even now  3,000 such police personnel are waiting for their rightful place."The policemen in Karnataka State Reserve Police, Central Administrative Reserve Police and District Reserve Police are trained staff to work as constables and head constables in home department, ironically  their skills are being wasted at homes of seniors officers of Deputy Superintendent of Police Rank. The governor also had given his assent to the order passed by the government, but still there is no mention of the change in the rules," said a KSRP constable who works as a helper at a senior police officer's home in Bengaluru.


Lashing out at the lapses by the government and for such a delay JD (S) Chikpet Assembly President and trade union leader, Mohammed  Zulfikar Ali said the government has not shown any commitment so far. "The cops are facing the humiliation and still there is no relief as the government has failed to replace  them. Another point to be noted is that if the government really replaces these many orderlies with Group D workers, till what time these workers would be asked to serve senior officers, as top police men are in the habit of having full- time attendees? The workers should not be made to work more than 8 hours. More than the stipulated working hours will attract court notices against the home department,"  he added.


BJP Spokesperson S Prakash also did not waste the chance to criticise the government and said ," It is the failure of the home department and it reflects the poor working style of home minister Dr G Parameshwar. The Director General of Police RK Dutta now has to speed up the work for alternate arrangement.  Retraining constables and head constables should be done and they should be deployed accordingly," he said.


Earlier, the army jawans also had complained about the 'Sahayak' system existing in the army and lot of opposition was raised regarding it.