While rain batters Bengaluru and most of south Karnataka, Central Karnataka is still reeling under drought. An all-religion prayer meet was held on the premises of Anjuman-E-Islam Society in Dharwad for better rains.

Speaking to The News Minute, Anjuman-E-Islam Society President Ismail Tamatgar said that mass prayer had immense power. The condition of farmers is pathetic owing to scanty rainfall in the region for the last four years. They had lost all hopes, and their morale was also low. The need of the hour is to encourage them to erase their fear and shun negative attitude, and gear up for the Kharif season, he added. 

Islam has a special prayer for rain called the ‘Salat Al-Istisqa’. This prayer is taken recourse to when seeking rain from Allah during times of drought. The Imam along with the followers says two units of prayers. Finally, the people present turn their outer garments around, each placing its left side on his right side and its right side on his left, face the Kabah, supplicate to Allah and raise their hands while doing so.

Hindus have the Dhyana Sloka of the Eighth Mantra of the First Namakam of Sri Rudram, ancient vedic chants used to invoke the rain gods. Hindu mass prayers took place at Sri Brihadeeshwara Temple in 2015. The same year also had the Hindu populace in Fiji praying for rains to quell the drought there. 

However, Muslims too have held mass prayers in UAE and also a similar all-religion prayer in California, asking the Almighty to send them rains.
Pontiff of Manasur Matt Baasavaraj Devaru called upon the farmers to keep faith on the Almighty. Rev. Father Fredrick Jacob of the Open Arms Church also spoke to the gathering in Dharwad. 

People also fall prey to superstitions when they see no end to their misery. Recently, villagers in Ramdurga taluk in Ballari drained a lake of its water. Apparently, the rain was angry that the lake was brimming with water for over three years and so the village stopped receiving rain. Emptying the lake was the only way to please the god.