On Saturday, the mall authorities allegedly refused to turn on the AC while Kannada movie ‘Raajakumara’ was being screened in the morning. When the moviegoers questioned the authorities about it, they allegedly stated that air condition won’t be put on while screening Kannada movies. The sheer arrogance of the mall authorities has irked the moviegoers, who have brought the issue to the notice of Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), reports Suvarna TV.


Taking objection to the mall’s attitude, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu has come down heavily on mall authorities. “Such an attitude towards Kannada movies won’t be tolerated. They should be deported from Karnataka,” said Govnidu.



Malls treating Kannada movies indifferently are not new. Earlier, there were complaints that Kannada movies were pulled off the screen to make way for non-Kannada movies in Bengaluru. Kannada movies were restricted to single screens. Their reason was that non-Kannada movies – especially Hindi and Tamil – attract audience in malls than Kannada movies.


‘Raajakumara’ starring Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar is running in packed cinema halls even after its release a week ago.