Nine facts on what happens in the floor test

karnataka | Saturday, May 19th, 2018
Kaushik barua

Here are nine facts about what happens once the floor test starts.

  1. A bell of a quorum will ring inside the House
  2. All MLAs taking part in the floor test need to come inside
  3. The door of the House closes, no one is allowed to go out or  come inside after the door is closed
  4. Speaker  counts the number of MLAs present inside the House
  5. Later, votes are counted according to the division of votes
  6. First, the votes to prove the majority  of the invited party are counted
  7. In the second round, numbers of those against the majority of the invited are counted
  8. If there is a tie  between both, then Speaker gets the chance to cast his vote
  9. Then the winner is announced
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