It's been two days since Chief Minister Siddaramaiah issued an order capping movie tickets at Rs 200 in multiplexes. While this has brought cheers among the moviegoers, it has certainly pinched the pockets of multiplex owners.

The Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has condemned the government's order stating this will adversely impact their business and also that of the film industry. Multiplexes comprise 80 per cent of industries' share in the country, and there are over 500 multiplexes in the country.

The Association claimed that such an order defies logic and is unjust.  Karnataka is considered an investor-friendly state and such decisions would discourage the investors, feels the association. Besides, it would be difficult to manage multiplexes with rising electricity bills, wages and general maintenance.

The government's decision to limit Rs 200 on multiplex tickets was announced during the budget in March but it came into effect only in May, after much dilly-dallying. Following complaints that multiplexes were charging exorbitant prices for movies, the recent being a whopping Rs 1,400 for a ticket to Baahubali 2 movie, the government decided to restrict the ticket price. In fact, Karnataka is not the only state where prices of multiplex tickets are restricted. In Chennai, multiplex tickets are capped at Rs 120.

The association now wants the government to revoke its order.