"The Karnataka Government has failed in giving the lentil growers Minimum Selling price (MSP) and removing the slush in the Thungabhadra  dam to help the farmers," claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a rally at Kalaburagi. He said that when the centre wanted to help the lentil farmers, Congress government in the state saw to it that the help did not reach the farmers. However in Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has already availed the subsidized rate for lentil growers, he further said.

"The Government in the state has not helped the farmers even after 5 years by removing the gates in the Thungabhadra  Dam. Only during the election they talk about it. In Maharashtra the BJP government within 2 years of the slush was removed in all the dams in the state. When it was possible in other states he asked why it was not possible in this state," said Narendra Modi.