A man aged above 40, who has a family, desperately wanted to marry a 20-year-old girl. When she and her family refused to marry her off to him, he kidnapped her, forcibly tied the Mangalasutra and raped her.

The incident occurred at Magadi Police Station Limits. Santhosh from Dasarahalli in Bengaluru was pestering a family which had a 20-year-old daughter, that he wanted to marry her. But the girl and her family had refused his offer.

Santhosh is already married and has two kids. When the girl's family refused to even speak to him, he hatched a plan.

The girl would sleep at her grandmother's house which is close by to their house, as the granny lived there alone.

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Santhosh waited for her to come out of the house and kidnapped her. The shocked girl, before she could raise the alarm he had held her mouth tightly. He allegedly took her to a house, tied her legs and hands then tied her Mangalasutra and raped her.

He had even locked her inside the house.

When the girl did not reach grandmother's house even after a long time, the family started searching for her. They found her only the next afternoon, tied and locked up inside a house.

Currently, Santhosh has been arrested by the Magadi police, and the girl has been rescued but is still in a state of shock.

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