Brutal! Man thrown inside cage with dogs for being unable to repay Rs 4000 loan

First Published 4, Sep 2017, 4:34 PM IST
Man thrown inside cage with dogs for being unable to repay Rs 4000 loan
  • Harish, a daily wage worker who previously worked in the plantation of Kishan in Madikeri, had borrowed Rs. 4000 from him
  • Kishan along with his friend Madhu had asked Harish for the money, which he said he did not have
  • The duo dragged him to the plantation and threw him inside a cage with three ferocious dogs

In a shocking case of inhuman behavior, a plantation owner in Madikeri town of Karnataka locked a daily wage worker with dogs in a cage causing grievous injuries.

According to the news published in Times of India, Harish (32) who previously worked in the plantation of Kishan borrowed Rs. 4000 from him. However, when he failed to repay the loan, Kishan and his friend, Madhu locked Hareesh where three pet dogs attacked him.

The victim had recently quit his job at the plantation after he got a job at a relative’s shop.

 “He had stopped working for Kishan very recently and had started working at his relative’s shop in the village. On 29 August, Kishan and Madhu went to Harish’s work place and demanded that he repay the loan,” said SI Mahesh to TOI with the Ponnampet Police.

Harish then told Kishan and Madhu that he had no money. Angered by his response, the duo dragged Harish out of the shop, shoved him into their jeep and drove away.

They drove back to the plantation and pushed Harish into the cage which had three dogs. The dogs bit him on his head, legs, neck and hands. Scared that he may end up dead, Kishan and Madhu pulled him out and dropped him near the Gonikoppalu community health centre.

Harish was further sent to Mysuru for treatment. On returning, he went to the police and filed a complaint. Deputy Superintendent of Police Nagappa said to the Times of India that there was some confusion over the attack.

“It is not clear whether he was kept inside the dog cage or if the dogs were let loose on him,” he added.