Call it a rude shock or a pleasant surprise. A man who thought he beat his wife to death had gone to surrender to the police. But when he took the police to show the body, he couldn't believe what he saw there. His wife was alive! Strange but true. The incident has been reported from Channanayakanahalli near Peenya. 

Raghu Gowda and Pushpalatha - both residents of Nagamangala - married a year ago. Raghu had a bakery - Raghavendra Condiments - at Channanayakanahalli near Nagamangala.

The couple were reportedly not happy with their marriage and would quarrel at the drop of a hat. On couple of occasions, both of them had exchanged blows, reports Kannada Prabha.

On Monday too, the couple began quarrelling for some silly reason. In the heat of the moment, his wife Pushpalatha allegedly tried to attack him with a knife. Furious at his wife, Raghu snatched the knife from her, threw it away. Raged at her, he hit her with a stick.  Pushpalatha collapsed and fell unconscious. Raghu tried to wake her up but in vain. When she did not regain her conscious even after 30 minutes, sweating Raghu ran to the police to surrender himself as his wife's killer. When police reached his house, they were in for a shock. They saw Pusphalatha breathing!

It is reported that Pushpalatha was still recovering from the assault when the police reached her house. They have now shifted her to hospital. Since their residence falls in the jurisdiction of Bagalagunte police station, Peenya police have transferred the case.