Liquor baron's druggie grandson escapes Mallya hospital [VIDEO]

First Published 29, Sep 2017, 1:48 PM IST
Liqour barons druggie grandson escapes Vittal Mallya hospital Visnu escapes Diganth Prajwal Devaraj drug case
  • Liquor baron, late TTD ex-Chairman Adi Keshavulu's son Vishnu who was admitted to Mallya Hospital in Bengaluru following the car accident, drugs case
  • Police had requested the hospital for Vishnu's custody on Thursday, but he escaped even before the questioning started
  • CCTV installed in the hospital showed a hospital staff helping Vishnu escape through the fire exit in the hospital
  • His mother Tejaswini is the Managing director of Mallya Hospital, and now questions are raised if she has any role in getting him out?

Businessperson and liquor baron late Adi Keshavulu's son Vishnu who was admitted to Mallya Hospital in Bengaluru following the car accident has escaped from the hospital, even before the completion of the police investigation.

It can be noted that his mother Tejaswini is the managing director of the Mallya Hospital. Now the question has been raised if his mother helped him get out of the hospital, despite police personnel keeping an eye on him?

The hospital staff had checked on Vishnu at 5 am on Friday. At 6.15 when inquired it was said that he had gone to the toilet. From then on he was not found in his room.

It can be noted that police had requested the hospital for Vishnu's custody on Thursday. But his mother and MD of the hospital Tejaswini had refused to give them permission and had said there can be no inquiry inside the hospital. 

Cubbon Park Police had kept a tab on him and were checking his room once in an hour. Based on the CCTV footage the hospital staff are being questioned. In the footage, it can be seen that staff is helping Vishnu escape from the hospital through fire exit on the second floor of the hospital. Cubbon Park Police are also questioning other staff in the hospital on duty at that time.

However, Dr Mallikarjun from the Mallya hospital has clarified that they just knew that he was their director Tejaswini's relative but had no information on him being her son. He has said that the hospital has no role in helping the accused out.

Vishnu is the grandson of late liquor baron and ex-Chairman of TTD, Audikesavulu Naidu. On Thursday early morning, Vishnu's Mercedes-Benz SUV which he was driving rammed a Maruthi Omni near South End Circle. Six people including three children were injured in the accident.

Soon after the accident, Vishnu was locked inside the car as the airbag opened. SUV's from doors were jammed. According to onlookers, three persons inside the car escaped. It is said that Vishnu was pulled out of the car and was beaten up by the onlookers before admitting him to Vittal Mallya Hospital.

Vishnu is accused of driving the car in an inebriated state. It is also alleged that he was high on drugs along with two sandalwood stars inside his car.

But the two  Sandalwood stars alleged of accompanying accused Vishnu- Diganth and Prajwal Devaraj have refuted the charges. Prajwal is said to be shooting for his next film in Goa and Diganth was in Kanakapura resort when the accident occurred. But both the actors had said that they knew Vishnu but clarified that they were not with Vishnu when the accident occurred. 

Actor Diganth  Manchale has not been very active on social media. He has retweeted actress Aindrita Rai's Tweet saying, "Today it's you... tomorrow who?'



A drugs mafia connection was alleged, and police were questioning Vishnu in this regard as after his arrest, police found 110 grams of ganja from his SUV. This information was confirmed by SD Sharanappa, DCP (South) to the Bangalore Mirror.